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Yongkang Shengyuan Gear Factory

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        Yongkang Shengyuan gear factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of gear manufacturers, and its products are spiral bevel gears, Spur gears, gear shaft, mechanical parts, mainly in supporting the car, three motorcycles, ATVs, leisure and fitness vehicles, power tools, pneumatic tools, lawn mowers, sewing machines, paper machines, textile machines food machines and other types of machinery。

        Since its inception, the company adhere to the "intention of manufacturing, strict management" focus on product quality, excellence, product quality in a leading position in the industry, many domestic and foreign brands of gear or source alternative to expensive imported gear, domestic and foreign customer recognition and accreditation.

        Our well-equipped, rich manufacturing experience, product quality and fair prices, prompt delivery。 Welcome to the new and old customers all machinery or exporter to plans to OEM, a large number of small batch single piece can be。

        Director Mr。 Tan Shengping bring the whole factory workers welcome your arrival!

        Quality Management:Company special emphasis on the strict control of the production process to ensure the stability of the bulk production quality, consistency. Careful material purchase advanced production technology and strict production process, advanced detection quality measuring instruments and experienced management personnel to ensure the quality of the product.

        Talented Train:Import advanced management mode, the introduction of professional and technical personnel, the company attaches great importance to the training of the factory management and technical personnel and staff, reserve personnel to ensure the quality and delivery of products and customer satisfaction, but also for long-term development of the company laid the foundation for enterprises to train professionals for the society.

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